inspired by Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Kids’ Christmas activities bring much joy to the holiday season, seen in many Hallmark movies. This post is full of Christmas activities my daughter and I love, perfect for family and friends. Let’s spread holiday cheer!

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Christmas Activities for Kids

Letters to Santa

Writing letters to Santa is an exciting opportunity to show love and appreciation for all the wonderful things the year has brought us. It’s also a chance to share our hopes and desires for the upcoming year. 

For me and my daughter, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Santa Claus, letters, and wishlists!

8-Piece Letter to Santa Kit

Each set includes a blank card, a festive red envelope, an adorable envelope seal, an address label and a return address label.

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Christmas Ornaments are a joyful way to commemorate important moments in our lives. And when it comes to decorating the tree, I absolutely adore using homemade ornaments that my daughter has lovingly crafted. It’s not only a delightful activity, but also a special way for us to bond and create lasting memories together!

Christmas just isn’t the same without a homemade gingerbread house proudly showcased by my coffee bar! I absolutely adore the vibrant colors, the festive decorations, the delightful mess, and the sheer cuteness of these gingerbread houses! It’s so much fun to create and display them during the holiday season.

Beaded Santa's Workshop

The Perler Santa's Workshop Kit is incredibly creative and enjoyable. A dear friend gifted my daughter a Perler kit for her birthday, and it has been perfect for family projects during the holiday season. Plus, it encourages fine motor skills and sparks imaginative play!

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Gingerbread House Playhouse

The ultimate hideaway! Let kids customize their cardboard gingerbread house fort with stickers, markers, crayons or paint from the Easy PlayHouse store.

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Christmas is a time to come together and enjoy each other’s company after a long and hectic year. And what better way to do that than by playing games? Games are not only a great way to have fun, but they also create a sense of love and joy.

The Santa Claus Game

This game is absolutely delightful! 🎅 So much fun and perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit!

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I love having a puzzle out during the Christmas season for everyone to enjoy! It’s the ideal activity to do while watching those heartwarming Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Santas Flying Reindeer Puzzle

I'm a huge fan of Crocodile Creek puzzles 🧩 They're not just fun, but the pieces are big and such great quality.

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Baby in a Manger Puzzle

The Vermont Christmas Company jigsaw puzzle comes with 100 large pieces, making it perfect for kids to enjoy.

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Whether we’re working on Christmas decorations or simply having some holiday fun, crafting with my daughter is a fantastic way to bond and celebrate Christmas cheer. We love to accompany our crafting sessions with delightful Christmas movies, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Window Art

I absolutely adore having festive window art made by my daughter on the windows. It's just so delightful and full of festive cheer!

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DIY Christmas Crafts

At Target, you can always find adorable and budget-friendly Christmas crafts for kids!

Sticker Paint Books

These sticker paint books are ideal for adding some festive fun to your holiday road trips! They feature charming designs of elves, Santa, penguins, snowmen and more. Plus, each book includes separate sticker sheets so you can create up to 20 pictures on the go!

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Advent Calendars

As a kid, I absolutely adored opening an advent calendar every single day. And guess what? Now, there’s an advent calendar for literally any interest a child can have! Advent calendars add to the excitement of each and every day in December.

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

My niece loved this advent calendar! She had a blast with Play-Doh every single day and eagerly anticipated the morning ritual of discovering each new surprise.

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Gemstone Advent Calendar

A budding scientist can embark on an exciting journey with National Geographic's 24 gemstones to uncover each day! 💎

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Wooden Advent Calendar

The Melissa & Doug magnetic wooden tree comes with 24 magnetic ornaments and a shining star for the top. Kids have the freedom to switch, move, and rearrange the pieces to create their own unique tree over and over again!🎄

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