The Love Club

Four friends revive their “Love Club” in order to help them find true love

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Four women, brought together by their dating woes, made a vow to pick up the phone and call each other if they ever felt lost in the world of love and romance. Ten years on, they summon the courage and strength to reignite their ‘Love Club’, in an effort to help each find their one true love.

The Love Club Movies

Hallmark Movies Now Premieres

Love is in the air! Hallmark Movies Now is excited to announce the release of the new series, “The Love Club,” with one new movie added to the streaming network each Thursday night, starting February 2, 2023.

In March 2023, Hallmark Channel began to premiere these romantic films, giving viewers a chance to experience the story of true love and its transformative power. 

The Love Club Series

Follow four women who met at a college New Year’s Eve party and formed a special bond. Over the next decade, they drift apart and life takes them on different paths. But when they’re reunited, their friendship is needed more than ever before. Featuring Brittany Bristow, Chantel Riley, Lily Gao, and Camille Stopps, this series about friendship, relationships, and love is sure to touch your heart.

"Let's take a vow then: To always have each other's backs when our heart's a mess."

Nicole's Pen Pal

The Love Club Hallmark Movies Now
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Nicole, a freshly engaged interior designer, had never expected her romance woes to come full circle. Ten years earlier, she had received letters from a mystery college pen pal, letters she had kept over the years. Now, as she prepared to wed, Nicole found herself at a crossroads, wondering if the one she was meant to be with was her long-lost pen pal.

At a loss of what to do, Nicole sought out assistance from The Love Club – a tight-knit group of four women who had made a vow to always be there for one another should any of them encounter relationship challenges at any point in their lives. It had been 10 years since the ladies of The Love Club had last seen one another, but when Nicole reached out for help, the group reunited and set out to track down her college pen pal.

The journey led them to a charming lodge in the mountains. Along the way, Nicole encountered plenty of mishaps, but also found romance, comedic imposters, and meaningful female bonding. Ultimately, the letters from her college pen pal helped lead her to her true love.

This romantic comedy of errors proves that sometimes, love is all you need to get through anything, and that family, both found and born, can always be counted on in a pinch. Nicole and The Love Club’s journey reminds us to never give up on the things we believe in, and to never forget that love is always worth the wait.

"I can't be that complicated, right? To find that one person who like, completes you."

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Sydney's Journey

The Love Club Hallmark Movies Now
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Once upon a time, Sydney was a star track athlete, blazing trails and setting records at her college and beyond. But ten years later, she’s now a successful food blogger, and while she still holds a flame for her college boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in years, her life has taken a different direction.

That is, until one day when she ran into him unexpectedly. She discovers that he has signed up for the Valentine 10k Run and doesn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to reconnect. Despite having no running experience, she quickly signs up for the run and recruits The Love Club – a group of four women who made a vow to always be there for one another during times of romantic troubles – to help.

With a running buddy at her side, Sydney also meets Theo, the chef and owner of a struggling local restaurant. It soon becomes apparent to everyone but Sydney that it is Theo (not her ex) who seems to share a bond with her – especially over their shared love of food and cooking. Sydney helps Theo elevate his menu to buzzworthy appeal, while Theo helps Sydney reach the finish line.

In the end, Sydney realizes that it doesn’t matter if it’s her college boyfriend or Theo, the important thing is that she reconnected with a passion for running and found new friends who helped her accomplish her goals. And while the Valentine 10k Run might not have ended with a romantic reunion, Sydney still found what she was looking for – a path to a better future.

“One good team beats one good teacher every time.”

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Lauren's Dream

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For years, Lauren had been putting her dream of owning an art gallery on the backburner, allowing her husband Peter to get ahead in his career. With each passing day, her resentments grew, and soon their marriage was on the brink of divorce.

When Lauren found out that Peter was already dating again, she decided to take matters into her own hands, enlisting the help of The Love Club. With their assistance, Lauren was determined to enter the dating game and try to find her own happiness.

At first, it was a bumpy ride as she tried to navigate the unfamiliar waters of the dating world. But eventually, she found success, becoming more comfortable and confident in the process.

Meanwhile, The Love Club was watching the entire journey, and it was soon obvious to them that Lauren and Peter still had strong feelings for each other. It was clear that they needed a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place.

So, the ladies set out to do just that, helping them to reconnect and reignite their deep love for one another. And it worked – Lauren and Peter were able to find their way back to each other and renew the connection they had once shared.

Through all of their trials and tribulations, Lauren was also able to make her dream of opening an art gallery a reality. It proved to be the perfect way to celebrate their renewed love, and the perfect way for Lauren to show Peter how much she appreciated his support.

It just goes to show that with a little help and a lot of determination, anything is possible. And when it comes to love, it’s never too late.

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Tara's Tune

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Tara has always been a free spirit with a beautiful voice, capable of capturing any live audience. She has never desired a partner — after all, she has the Love Club. But when Tara decides to take the plunge and marry herself, the Love Club is determined to help her make the most of her commitment-to-self party.

As the ladies plan the event, a comical challenge emerges when Tara’s mother arrives unexpectedly expecting an actual wedding. But the Love Club is determined to make her commitment-to-self party a success, and in the process, they begin to notice an undeniable connection between Tara and a jaded musician. In the spirit of matchmaking, the Love Club persuades Tara to take a chance on love — and it pays off! The couple creates a hit song together that finally gives Tara the break she needs.

Tara’s journey to self-discovery and love is a testament to the power of letting go and embracing new opportunities. Her story is a reminder that it’s never too late to find love — and that sometimes, in order to find the person who we’re meant to be with, all we need to do is take a leap of faith. With the help of her Love Club, Tara was able to open her heart, take a chance on love, and get the break she needed to make her dreams come true.

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