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Coffee, the energizing drink that brings us out of bed in the morning and helps us get through a busy day. Drinking coffee while blogging can be a great way to help you stay productive and focused. In this blog post, I’m going to show you my espresso machine, espresso pods, and coffee warmer that I use to make sure I’m always getting the perfect cup of coffee. So, grab your favorite mug and let’s get into the details!

My Coffee Essentials

It’s 4:00am and my daughter is still sleeping peacefully. I take a deep breath and quietly make my way to the kitchen, knowing I have two precious hours ahead of me. Two hours of peace and productivity – two hours to write and blog.

I place a pod in my espresso machine and heat my oat milk. This is my morning ritual, my time to sit and reflect and blog. I’m a school librarian and my daughter and I both head off to school in a few hours. But for now, I cherish these moments of creativity and stillness.

Blogging is something I never expected to do, but it’s become an important part of my life. It’s a way for me to share stories and experiences that I’m passionate about, and to connect with like-minded people. I love pouring my thoughts and interests into my blog, and the feeling of accomplishment I get when it’s finished.

My mornings have become a sort of therapy for me. While I’m blogging, I’m also reflecting on the day ahead, my goals and ambitions, and the things I’m grateful for. I love the feeling of being productive and creative, and I’m so thankful for these two hours of peace and productivity.

By 6:00am, I have had three espressos and my daughter is awake. We get ready for school and head out, but I take a moment to pause and reflect on my morning. I’m reminded of how much I appreciate my mornings, and the two hours I get to write and blog before the day begins.

Drinking coffee while blogging helps me to stay productive and focused. Here is my espresso machine, espresso pods, and coffee warmer that I use to make sure I’m always getting the perfect cup of coffee.

I have had this mini espresso machine for a few years now, and it's been a great investment. Not only is it sleek and fits in even the tiniest of spaces, but the espresso it makes is absolutely delicious.

This 50-pack Variety Pack of Nespresso pods has 5 different, rich flavors of espresso.

Fill this stunning clear jar with the variety pack of espresso pods and enjoy the beautiful colors of your coffee-making experience. Not only is it easy to open, but it also adds an eye-catching aesthetic to your countertop.

This coffee warmer is an essential for morning hours blogging at your desk!

In these photos, you can see me enjoying my morning coffee at my adjustable standing desk. Whenever I feel the need to take a break from sitting, I can easily lift the lever and switch to standing position while I continue writing and blogging.

In conclusion, blogging can be a great way to express yourself and share ideas. It is a creative and fun activity, but it does require energy and effort in order to produce quality content. Whether you get your energy from a morning boost or a late night buzz, the important thing is that you make the time to blog and enjoy the process.

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