Learning a new skill and getting hands-on to create things is my way of balancing blogging and reading in my free time! While I adore blogging, it’s crucial to have offline hobbies too. That’s why I enjoy relaxing with crafts, coloring, and spending quality time with my daughter – all while watching a heartwarming Hallmark movie on the screen.

Check out this delightful array of my top arts and crafts picks!

Hallmark movies showcase characters discovering a new creative talent, which always motivates me to do the same!

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Adult Activities

Adult Coloring

Coloring and getting creative with adult coloring is super relaxing and a fantastic way to express yourself in various ways. Here are the top adult color options for you!

BIC Intensity Ultra Fine Tip Permanent Markers

The ultra fine tip is just what you need for creating those crisp, neat lines that are perfect for detailed work and lettering. It's excellent for adding intricate details to mandalas and other fine designs!

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BIC Intensity Metallic Permanent Markers

The markers don't dry out fast and are awesome for writing on any surface, perfect for labeling! 😊

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SHARPIE Color Burst Permanent Markers

These Sharpies are a must for every career, hobby, and desk! 🌟

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Crayola Super Tips Markers

These Crayola markers are perfect for covering larger spaces!

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Prismacolor Colored Pencils

My mom and sister, both art teachers, adore this brand. So when I finally splurged on these colored pencils, I was blown away by their top-notch quality!

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Every time I lay down a tarp and set out paints, magic happens with my daughter. The mess is totally worth it, I swear! 🎨👩‍👧

Pink Picasso Kits

Looking for a fun and beautiful project to work on while enjoying some Hallmark movies? Check out the latest Pink Picasso Kits on their website. The creations are absolutely stunning! 👩🏽‍🎨

Pink Picasso
Painting Supplies

Michael's has a treasure trove of painting supplies neatly sorted by category. You'll find everything from gift sets and paint pens to spray paints, paint by number kits, and an array of other painting projects. 🖌️

painting with art supplies
Walmart Art Supplies

A wide variety of essential supplies and art materials, including paints and brushes, to kickstart or enhance your painting projects. 🎨



Making puzzles is like putting together a fun little mystery, and it’s such a great way to unwind. Whether you chip away at it bit by bit each day or dive in all at once, puzzles are not only good for your brain but also super relaxing. 

Flower Puzzle
At the library, we offer puzzles for students to de-stress during studies.
The Language of Flowers Puzzle

This gorgeous 1000 piece puzzle from Galison is in our library in spring time. It features beautiful spring and summer blooms, each with their own special meanings.

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Jane Austen puzzle, all characters and houses from Jane Austen novels
The World of Jane Austen Puzzle

As a Janeite, I love this puzzle featuring houses, villages, and characters from Austen's novels. You can tour her world from Derbyshire to Bath as you piece it together. It truly feels like stepping into the pages of her cherished novels!📚

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Bibliophile Jane Mount

This book is great for fellow book enthusiasts like me! It’s filled with gorgeous illustrations, and you’ll find the same delightful style in the puzzle too!

Bibliophile Puzzle

Over 60 book spines are featured in this 500-piece puzzle. 🧩

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You know I love the written word and calligraphy. There’s just something so magical about writing to people and adding those fancy calligraphy style signs and letters to my desk and library area. It’s like creating a little world of charm right in my own space!

calligraphy course with Jenny nametag
Throwing it back to my very first calligraphy class!✒️✨
Calligraphy Pens

Perfect picks for beginners brought to you by Dyvicl. Have fun exploring your creative side with these essentials!

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Brush Pens

These pens are just perfect! They're all you really need. Tombow is such a reputable calligraphy brand, too! 😊

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Calligraphy Markers and Pens

Michael's has so many great brands of Calligraphy markers and pens.


Etsy has some really cute quills available, and while they can be a bit pricey, you might just snag a great deal every now and then! 🪶

Quill Pen Set

This classic set features a big, fancy feather pen, glass fire seal handle, 6 nibs, ink bottle, and pen holder. Perfect for adding a creative twist to traditional writing!

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Fiction Books with Crafts

Close Knit

On a charming island in northern Scotland, Gertie enjoys cozy knitting sessions with her friends before she takes to the skies as an air stewardess—and along the way, she finds romance.

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The Crafternoon Sewcial Club

Book 1 of The Crafternoon Sewcial Club | Charlotte, who is currently in between jobs, has found joy in teaching crafting at a nursing home. The residents' enthusiastic feedback has sparked an idea within her - to pursue a career centered around crafting. Taking her first leap towards this dream, she begins by establishing a community crafting hub.

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