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Hidden Gems

June 4, 2022

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Addie loses her grandmother’s ring in the waters of Hawaii while prepping for her sister’s wedding. Despite the tension between them, she and dive instructor Jack agree on a search mission. Along the way, Jack also serves as her guide to the island’s hidden gems.

“Magic is everywhere and it is very real.”

Caribbean Summer

June 11, 2022

Hallmark 2022 Summer Nights Movies
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Jade, a morning news producer, has to take a forced vacation after a blunder during a live broadcast. On her Caribbean island getaway, she encounters a mishap with the house she is renting, but manages to turn it around by meeting the legitimate owner, Ford. As she grows closer to him and embraces the island’s culture, she finds out that he has a story she must report on – a career-altering scoop.

"Your island life is the exact opposite of my New York life."

Moriah's Lighthouse

June 18, 2022

Hallmark 2022 Summer Nights Movies based on a book
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Moriah, a woodworking artisan living in a French seaside town, has a dream of restoring the local lighthouse. But when Ben, an American architect, arrives to give the lighthouse a makeover for another buyer, it seems like her dream will never be realized.

“We can still shape the pages, even if we didn’t write the narrative.”

Moriah's Lighthouse is based on Love's Journey on Manitoulin Island: Moriah's Lighthouse, Book 1 by Serena B. Miller. This series is set on a fishing resort in Canada. 

Two Tickets to Paradise

June 25, 2022

Hallmark 2022 Summer Nights Movies
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Two strangers, Hannah and Josh, both experience the same heartbreaking moment on what is seemingly the worst day of their lives – they have been left at the altar. Yet, when their paths cross at the park, it acts as a much-needed morale booster, as they are both headed to the same honeymoon resort. Against the odds, the two find themselves crossing paths often in tropical paradise, and eventually decide to join forces and learn from each other how to best enjoy their vacations.

“Sometimes it’s important to veer off course so that you can discover something even more wonderful.”

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Groundswell Hallmark Channel Movie
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Following a difficult time in her life and career, Chef Emma journeys to Hawaii and meets Ben, a mysterious and attractive surf instructor. His guidance helps her to find her balance again.

Wonderful story of healing from a divorce through surfing