Fall Into Love

Hallmark's fall 2022 movies

Autumn is a stunning season; the foliage transforms into a spectrum of colors, the atmosphere is cool and invigorating, our coffee beverages are infused with warm spices, and we eagerly anticipate the fall films on Hallmark channel.

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Fall into Love 2022

Hallmark Channel

Love in the Limelight

August 6, 2022

Hallmark Fall Movies PenaVega
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After years of exchanging letters, Summer and Nick, the former lead singer of The Mendez Boyz, finally meet in person when he comes to town for a concert. With the support of Summer’s hip Abuelita  and her TikTok following, the two friends are encouraged to explore the possibilities of a romantic relationship.

“You can call it luck or fate or whatever you want, it doesn’t matter how you two found each other. Isn’t it just important that you did?”

Romance in Style

August 13, 2022

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Derek, a publishing mogul, is inspired by Ella’s one-of-a-kind creations to include plus-sized fashion in his magazine. Soon, it becomes clear that Ella’s impact goes far beyond the runway.

“Clothing is a form of self-expression. Every morning when you get dressed, it’s like a painter with a canvas. And those canvases come in all shapes and sizes.”

Dating the Delaneys

August 20, 2022

Hallmark Fall Movies with Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell
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Maggie Delaney, a divorced mother, embarks on the dating scene with assistance from Michael, the dad of her son’s friend. At the same time, Maggie’s mother Barb and her daughter Emma embark on relationships of their own. Exploring the best and worst of current dating, these three generations of women discover that love may be discovered at any age – and sometimes in unanticipated places.

“You’re independent and you don’t need a relationship, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting one or looking for one.”

Game, Set, Love

August 27, 2022

Hallmark Fall Movies Venus Williams, tennis movie
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Taylor, a former professional tennis player, grudgingly agrees to coach her ex-doubles partner Ashley and her new teammate Will, who is intent on repairing his reputation and career. Initially, Taylor and Will clash, but she is taken aback when she comes to know his true self. Even more unexpected is when Ashley’s injury forces Taylor to enter the tournament with Will. As they prepare to compete, Taylor and Will realise they may be a perfect match.

“Win, lose, whatever it is, you’re the person I want with me on the court.”

Marry Me in Yosemite

September 3, 2022

marry me in yosemite
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Zoe, a renowned photojournalist, embarks on a journey West to capture the picturesque Yosemite. Despite her apprehension of not being able to do the majestic landscape justice, she meets Jack, a charismatic tour guide, who encourages her to explore new perspectives. Together, they traverse the vast terrain, and Zoe hopes to create a captivating coffee table book from her experiences.

“I’m seeing the park through your eyes as art and I love it.”

Marry Go Round

September 10, 2022

Hallmark Fall Movies brennan elliot
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High school sweethearts Abby Foster and Luke Walker had a short-lived marriage. Many years later, Abby is making plans for a fresh start in Paris with her fiancé Edward, and it appears her life is perfect. But an unexpected letter causes her to re-examine what her heart truly desires.

“When you were looking up at the skies (in Alaska), did you think about us?” -Abby | “Every single night.” -Luke

Wedding of a Lifetime

September 17, 2022

Hallmark Christmas Movie with Jonathan Bennett | Fake Dating Trope
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The once-separated pair reignite their love when they unexpectedly find themselves participating in a televised competition for a free wedding.

“I don’t want to do that life without you.”

Fly Away With Me

September 24, 2022

fly away with me hallmark movie
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Angie moves into her “no pets allowed” building and unexpectedly finds a parrot. To avoid detection, new neighbor Ted and the dog he’s secretly sitting help her to locate the bird’s owner.

“We do belong in the clouds. I think we belong there together.”


October 1, 2022

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After a booking mix-up, Samara’s birthday getaway turns into a weeklong journey where three friends rediscover passion, purpose and romance.

“One week of spiritual awakening, outdoor activity, digital detox, and soul searching to connect you to the woman you are inside.”

Pumpkin Everything

October 8, 2022

pumpkin everything hallmark movie
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Returning to her hometown, Amy, a novelist, finds herself reunited with an old flame while caring for her stubborn grandfather Tom and his pumpkin-themed store.

“Pumpkin Everything, that’s what you two always had in common.”

Autumn in the City

October 15, 2022

autumn in the city, hallmark movie
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Piper Grant leaves for New York in search of a new beginning and a career she is truly passionate about. As she takes on a variety of temporary jobs, she meets Austin Edwards, an aspiring writer. Despite the differences in their outlooks, the allure of the fall season draws them closer together. When Piper finds out that her true calling lies in illustration, the two join forces to work on a children’s book. In the process, they discover that the thing they were each looking for might have been each other all along.

"There’s nothing wrong with getting lost along the way. That’s how you stumble upon the best things.”

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Big Sky River

August 7, 2022

Big Sky River Hallmark Movie
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Tara must return to Parable, Montana – the place that gave her joy – in order to progress after her tumultuous divorce. Unexpectedly, her attractive neighbor adds a curious element.